Thursday, October 13, 2016

College Life Fashion For Boys

                The first year of the College life is all excitement and fun. In college, mostly boys have no concern what is do in the world and who do they. Mostly they want to is a free style life, in other easy word freedom .
               They don’t have any idea what anyone thinks and nothing matter what’s happened. We promise with you . Good information is for you are full of vinegar and crash-fresh and not any of the girls you are about to meet have any fashion either. 
College life fashion for boys 2016-2017 guide’s all about what do colleges , how types of fashion he do to style to look well and smart. Your father and mother are going to send you off with some new stuff , not any doubt and you will come to college with high confidence and hopes of being an sharp man and intelligent. 

                    It’s value mentioning that the chances of changing your action radically very down , on this way especially as so much else is happing and you will be back to smelling shirts off the floor in a moment after this.
As like days so much stories behind every day in the first some days of college life, you should not think about looking very smart. Rather going towards simple and casual but durable things is your better approach. Color however, you should be chosen with great care on your choose and your favorite.
                 In below is a list of item that you should keep in your room or wardrobe. College Life fashion for boys 2016-2017 is all about being thought, casual, you should not let your guard down ruining your look in any way. Dress like a college student.

Jackets with jeans:
          Sport a nice jacket with different colors of brown, black and white. A zip one and a button jacket would do. Jackets over a formal pant are a complete no. Jackets made by leather although expensive top the market. Fleeces are also in fashion and will go with any color you most like wear jeans.

Tuck your shirts:
              Make sure to tuck away the shirt you wear if you’re going for formal wears. Shirts look clumsy once it’s not tucked in. if you were within the mood to wear jeans with a fasted shirt, hip length would be fabulous.

Other fashion wears for college boys:

1.     Polo shirt
2.     White polo shirt
3.     Power tie
4.     Versatile blue jeans
5.     V-neck sweater
6.     Winter coat
7.     Dark Solid Suit
8.     French Cuff Shirt
9.     Stylish joggers
10.  Belts
11.  Sun Glass
12.  Jeans


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